Lines & Circles is Ron’s fourth album with instrumentals not including the music for Lunicidal. The flow and natural essence of his style are fluent throughout and a true testament toward an awesome listening experience. Marquiss draws inspiration from his son and it shows. Jordan lays the foundation and it is solid as it can be. No overplays and if you listen close enough all the fills shine through. “It’s as good as it gets right there” “Jordan is extremely talented,” Marquiss says.

The making of Lines and Circles is mostly a collaboration between friends. They have all crossed paths on the Friday Night Progressive internet radio show who Marquiss created and calls himself The King of Prog. The show has been entertaining Progressive, instrumental, and fusion listeners for over 10 years. (Nathan Ames – Sudler’s Row), (Adrianne Simioni – Astronomusic), (Astraea Antal – Monument Alley, Gentle Knife), (Bret Harold Hart – Moon Men), (Brent McDonald – Straight Light) and Joe Compagna can all be found in the FNP chat room or have been played on the show at one time or another.

This promo is not just for the listener but also aimed at the DJ next door that finds Prog interesting, will pass the torch, and keep it alive and well. All proceeds from the album, if it is not free at any time will go directly to any and all FNP promotions helping the artists gain exposure to a wonderful listenership.

Lines & Circles is a digital only release for now and features three different album covers to choose from.

Album Designs – Ronnie Marquiss

1. Two is Better Than One 4:44 
2. Sorry We’re Closed 4:31
3. Lines and Circles 5:43
4. Lockups and Lockdowns 5:24 
5. Patent Pending 3:34
6. China Rose 4:04


Ron Marquiss – Composition, Keys, Guitar, Bass, Drum arrangement. All Tracks 
Jordan Marquiss – Drums Tracks – 1,2,3,4,5
Joe Compagna – Bass Track – 5 and short Rhythm section on Track – 1 
Nathan Ames – Guitar Track – 1
Adrianne Simioni – Violin Track – 3
Astraea Antal – Flute Track – 4
Bret Harold Hart – Guitar and other instruments Intro – Outro Track – 3 
Brent McDonald – Guitar and Keys Track – 2
David Leiter – ELP sound FX intro to Track – 1

Recording Studios
HipWorks Mobile Tone-Magnet’ in Eden, NC. 
The Hønehuset in Tofte, Norway
Resonance Transfer Studio Bear, Delaware USA
Mixed by Ronnie Marquiss at Resonance Transfer Studio Delaware USA 
Mastered by Stephen Paine at Lyonesse Studios UK

Photography for Astrea Antal by (Bert Treep) 
Album Design – Ronnie Marquiss

About Lines & Circles
Whimsical keys, dreamy and reflective guitars, fiery drums, edgy violin, energetic and propulsive flute leaves every passage in this six-track album a wonder to behold. Composer Ronnie Marquiss and his new team have created another masterpiece album. “Lines & Circles”

Independently Produced by DRIVE IN MOVIE BAND for Friday Night Progressive

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