On Friday, October 14th Atkinsong Productions publishes Evership’s fourth album The Uncrowned King – Act 2!

The Story:
Act 1 (TUK1) ends when the twin Princes Really-Is and Seemsto-Be, who visiting the land of Yettocome, receive a message that King What-So-Ever-You-Think has died. Act 2 begins with the second-born seizing opportunity and rushing back to the city of Allthetime where he dubiously claims the throne.

How will Really-Is, the rightful heir, gain back his kingdom? Act 2 brings home the themes of Wright’s story; that truth is ultimately independent of our perceptions, that deception comes at a cost, and that truth and honesty can bring peace and unity.

The Uncrowned King – Act 2 (TUK2) concludes the epic adaptation of Harold Bell Wright’s 1910 allegory of Life and Truth. The album exudes Evership’s immersive neo-prog style with a focus on songwriting and story-telling, but with no shortage of satisfying instrumental performances. The songs are more introspective as we go first-person with the twin princes and their personal journeys. The elevated vocals of Beau West bring the passion of the story to life.

Longtime background vocalist Mike Priebe is featured as “The Voice of the Night”, and the album is graced with a performance by SAGA front-man Michael Sadler as “The Voice of the New Day”! An emotional and introspective album, Evership pulls you into the story and into our collective search for truth and meaning.

The Uncrowned King – Act 2 is now available at Melodic Revolution