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The album highlights include The smash hit “Hysteria,” a reimagined cover of a Muse classic plus 12-minute prog epic titled “Soul Food” which features many special guests also  “Dream Diary Cadenza,” a solo electric violin extravaganza lifted from Joe’s electric violin concerto.

“Guilty of Innocence” features special appearances by Alex Skolnick (Testament), Rave Tesar (Renaissance) and Randy McStine (The Fringe).

GUILTY OF INNOCENCE features members: French guitarist Aurelien Budynek (Cindy Blackman, Vernon Reid), bassist Jamie Bishop (The Syn, Francis Dunnery), and drummer Lucianna Padmore, praised by Modern Drummer Magazine for her “Deep grooves and serious fusion chops.”

Track Listing
1. Behind The Curtain 03:34
2. Take Your Medicine 04:09
3. Guilty Of Innocence 03:15
4. Face 05:45
5. Hysteria 04:13
6. Affluenza 03:07
7. Parallel Reality 03:10
8. Game Of Chicken 05:03
9. Dream Diary Cadenza 04:06
10.Soul Food 12:46

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What the critics have said.
“Stratospheerius does not play what you want; it plays things you didn’t know you wanted.”
– Dan Roth, Progression

“combines solid songwriting and tradition with extraordinary electric violin work and the sounds of the future.”
– Angel Romero, Progressive Rock Central

“Think a bit of Zappa, the Dixie Dregs or Blues Traveler, with the violin being the focal point. Violinist & singer Joe Deninzon’s talents are flat out phenomenal, and the progressive rock tapestry he weaves around himself is carried out to perfection by his amazing band.”
– Mark Waterbury, Music Morsels

“Memorable hooks, gravity-defying instrumental prowess, and a kitchen sink move toward rock If Bela Fleck and Frank Zappa had a love child in outer space, they might grow up to sound like these guys do.”
– David Budin,