Healing Touch is the third in as many years by the Solo Composer and keyboardist for Nth Ascension and melodic rock band Ten.

This elegant instrumental rock album features cover and booklet artwork created by Darrel. The cover art is based on his painting entitled “Starting Again” and was painted in acrylics on canvas. The inner 8-page booklet is a mixture of Darrel’s photography and graphic art bringing to life the rich concepts of our human struggles to be what we envision within our mind’s eye.

In a statement from Darrel.
“The fallen dominoes represent how sometimes one trouble leads to the next and so on. Finally, we leap out of the impact zone, which enables one’s self to stand straight, allowing time to breathe and start again. The stacked dominoes are a symbol of causality whilst the butterfly represents calmness and serenity”

Healing Touch – Track List:
01. God’s Prescription
02. From The Mouth
03. Cast it Out
04. Re-Boot
05. The Fruits Of The Spirit
06. The Stand
07. The Release
08. The Expanse
09. No Fear Here
10. God’s Medicine

Review by Liverpool Sound and Vision
The Lancashire musician treats the listener to the instrumental as a guide would to the explorer finding their way to a lost city of gold; it is a journey filled with defiance, of a pure heart seeking resolution and solace and it is true to its word, it has a Healing Touch, one that evokes the memories of the long since abandoned pastoral and the elements that protect it.

In tracks such as From The Mouth, Re-Boot, The Fruits of The Spirits, God’s Medicine and The Expanse, Darrel Treece-Birch really comes alive, his arrangements are succulent and mouthwatering and as always, a credit to the genre. A tremendous piece of art, for art, in the right hands, has the power of a Healing Touch.

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