People let me introduce to you the following personnel Elena Ricci (vocals), Enzo Bellocchio (drums and percussions), Franco Bussoli (bass), Claudio Lapenna (piano, keyboards, synth, and vocals) and Dario Lastella (guitar, synth, and vocals). These are the people responsible for this rather interesting and intriguing release. Collectively they go by the name of ifsounds. Ifsounds are a band that originally formed in 1993 having already recorded four albums under the moniker of if before adding the sounds.

They have created something special here with their album which is called Apeirophobia that is slightly abstract in its presentation; a conceptual album about the conscience of man; about the end, not the fear of death but the fear of the infinity after death. This all sounds very heavy and deep, (this is what prog should be about), so welcome to the world of Italian proggers ifsounds. A world you will enjoy from beginning to the end, which is light and dark, challenging and rewarding, emotional and thought-provoking, which takes in modern elements as well as some of the more traditional approaches.Ifsounds travels from up-tempo rhythms, ballads and rock numbers to the twenty-seven minute plus suite all in a fifty-five-minute slot. I love the way Elena approaches her vocal stance, the accentuation of her voice alone makes the whole affair very interesting and somewhat intriguing, sounding off-kilter, especially on album opener Anima Mundi, which is juxtaposed with male vocals. Anima Mundi maybe about humanity trying to control the earth unsuccessfully, which is something that the band doesn’t struggle with controlling during the song.

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