Marco Ragni is back with a new album If and a new band feturing Bjørn Riss (Airbag), plus Altin Gjoni, Fabio Ramirez, and Maurizio Antonini

“Recording this record was a mystical experience. A year and a half ago I started with the idea of writing an album that was full of positive thoughts. Then in the course of 2020, because of what happened and is still happening, I changed my perspective. I decided to write stories. Stories of madness. Of ordinary madness. Stories of eternal love. Stories of darkness and fear. Stories that had other stories in them. 

This is how IF was born. A wonderful fresco of what comes to life in my mind. In dark days and sunny days. At night and when there’s fog. It was amazing to confront Bj ørn Riis and ask him for advice on drafting some songs. It was wonderful to involve a longtime friend like Massimiliano Ferrari. It was a journey I never wanted to end. But now that the album is ready to release, I’m proud and proud to be able to present it to you. Thanks to those who want to listen to it.”


1.Tales of Ordinary Madness 03:04
2.Electroplasmic Dream 07:19
3.Engulfed 07:20
4.If I Could Tell You 05:50
5.Carnival of Ghosts 07:52
6.Ominous 08:45buy track
7.Black Sunrise 07:19
8.The Kingdom Fails 05:12
9.Awakened Creatures 07:40
10.Every Wall is a Door (bonus track)

If Sessions
Marco Ragni: Guitars, keyboards, bass, soundscapes, drum programming 
Bjørn Riss: Lead guitar 
Altin Gjoni: Electric guitar 
Fabio Ramirez: Bass 
Maurizio Antonini: drums

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