Now available “Mystic Spirit” the new album by Kerrs Pink, this is their 6th album: which is in the genre of 70’s prog rock spiced with elements of Norwegian folk tunes.

As in previous productions the sound is characterized by guitars, but this time they´ve also applied flute, tuba (!), timpani and accordion! And extensively, the legendary keyboard instruments: MiniMoog, Mellotron, Taurus bass pedals not to mention the Hammond C3.

New is also the vocalist Eirikur Hauksson who has agreed to participate in the project. He puts his unmistakable rock imprint on the album that otherwise has taken a long time to complete. Eirikur also appears with Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep) and Magic Pie. Drums and bass are recorded “live in studio”, which means that the band sounds far more lively than previous productions.

Primus songwriter Harald Lytomt helped Eirikur with the lyrics. The band has jointly been responsible for the majority of the arrangements and touches of riffs and notes.

The album is partially recorded and entirely mixed in Rainbow Live studio, Askim with Per Langsholt behind the controls. In addition, the band made several recordings at Velvet Recording.

On stage Kerrs Pinks sets up as a seven man strong band consisting of: Eirikur Hauksson (vocals), Harald Lytomt (guitar), Per Langsholt (bass, bass pedals, vocals), Glenn Fosser (keyboards, accordion, vocals), Magne Johansen (drums, vocals), Lasse Johansen (keyboards), Hans Jørgen Kvisler (guitar).