We are thrilled to be working with Luigi Milanese on his latest release Closer to Heaven, it’s been 3 years since Milanese released his highly acclaimed debut solo album Equinox via Melodic Revolution Records. Closer to Heaven the new album by Milanese was released in April via Italian label Black Widow Records for Italian distribution and is now available for sale and distribution in North America through Melodic Revolution Records.

Milanese reached out to some of the finest Italian musicians for this release, many not well known in other regions of the world and that is about to change, however there is one musician on the album that is not Italian and his name may ring a bell with many. Milanese brought in Flutist John Hackett, known for his work globally with such artist as Franck Carducci, Nick Magnus, Anthony Phillips and his brother Steve Hackett to name but a few.

Closer to Heaven does not fall into a single category or style of music, Milanese delivers a beautiful musical tapestry with his latest release, interwoven with lush vocals and astonishing instrumentation. Closer to Heaven stretches the boundaries of the listener with music ranging from Ambient, Blues Rock, Pop, Jazz, Progressive and even touches of Classical.

Closer to Heaven Track Listing:
01 I Never Did
02 Riot House
03 All The Things I Never Said
04 As a Chill in The Golden Night
05 Aurora
06 Acoustic Rules
07 Visions From The Well (part one)
08 The Internal Dynamics
09 Visions From The Well (part two)
10 Epilogue

Album Lineup:
Luigi Milanese: Electric & Acoustic Guitar
John Hackett: Flute
Bob Callero: Electric Bass
Claudia Sanguineti: Vocals
Luca Lamari: Piano & Synth
Adriano Mondini: Oboe
Federico Lagomarsino: Drums
Marila Zingarelli: Cello

Album Credits:
Music Composed and Arranged by Luigi Milanese
Recorded at Studio Apollo, Genova, Italy
Sound Engineers Federico Lagamarsino & Marco Canepa
Produced by Luigi Milanese
Co-Produced by Francesco Sparla
Artwork by Tamaso Milanese

More information about Luigi Milanese and his music can be found here:
Melodic Revolution Records

Closer to Heaven
Equinox – 2013