Carnival of Ghosts is the 1st single from the upcoming Marco Ragni and Bjørn Riis album “IF” due out in November 2020 Marco and Bjørn have been working on the songs for the album since around March 2020. 

“It was wonderful to share my musical ideas with him. Undoubtedly my best album on a technical level. 

Thanks also to Maurizio Antonini for his drum parts, Altin Gjoni for electric guitars, and Fabio Ramirez for bass.


Watch & Listen to Carnival of Ghosts here.

Filmed by Cottonbro Production 
Edited by Marco Ragni

Marco Ragni expands his horizons on “If” with the return of Bjørn Riis who worked with Marco on the single “Open My Arms” from the highly acclaimed 2019 release “Oceans of Thought,” this time out Lead Guitarist Bjørn Riis is a featured member of Marco’s new line-up including Altin Gjoni -Electric Guitar, Fabio Ramirez – Bass, and Maurizio Antonini – Drums and Marco Ragni rounding out the band on Keyboards, Bass, Soundscapes, and Additional Guitars & Drums

Bjørn Riis is one of the founding members, the lead guitarist, producer, and main songwriter of the highly successful Norwegian band Airbag. The band’s five critically acclaimed albums have gained Airbag a strong following around the globe.

If you had been more resourceful? 
If you said less lies? 
If you, instead of choosing to be bad, had you chosen to be good? 
If you were more fun? 
If you were less shy? 
If you had been more curious? 
If you had made important decisions without fear? 
You can always choose which side you are on. We can be the leaders of our lives ourselves, choose that fate will do it, or worse we can entrust our choices to others. There are endless ways to make sense of your life, or not.

If Tracklisting

1. Everything will be fine
2. Ominous
3. Engulfed
4. Carnival of Ghosts
5. Black Sunrise
6. If I could tell you
7. Kingdom Fails
8. Awakened Creatures
9. Every wall is a door (bonus track)
10. In and out of sleep (bonus track)

If Sessions
Marco Ragni: Guitars, keyboards, bass, soundscapes, drum programming 
Bjørn Riss: Lead guitar 
Altin Gjoni: Electric guitar 
Fabio Ramirez: Bass 
Maurizio Antonini: drums

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Release Date: November 28, 2020 
Format: CD & Digital

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