We are thrilled to announce that Melodic Revolution Records will bring its booth of goodies and music back to RoSfest, this time at its new home in Sarasota, Florida. RoSfest is one of the oldest and most renowned US Art Rock Festivals

MRR has kicked things up a notch or two for our 2019 CD & Digital samplers. This time around the Upload Me CD & Digital Album series will not contain the same songs.

Upload Me V is our 2019 promo sampler, as in the past this will once again be released as a limited edition CD, this time it will feature unreleased and upcoming music from both MRR & PSR recording artists including; Allison VonBülow, Blå Lotus, Joe Mac’s American Garage, JoJo Razor, Kracked Earth, Murky Red, Scarlet Hollow, SL Theory, Thoughts Factory, and Time Horizon.

Download Me V is our 2019 digital-only promo sampler filled with our latest MRR releases, including music by Andrew Roussak, Andy John Bradford, BABAL DC Snakebuster, Flor de Loto, ifsounds, Kinetic Element, Lisa LaRue, Marco Ragni, The Minstrel’s Ghost, Overture, Paul D’Adamo, Progeland, The Steve Bonino Project, and Ten Jinn

We will also have some Free Schwag and other surprises!

Along with over a dozen years of quality releases, MRR will have on hand some Brilliant new releases.
Andrew Roussak – Storm Warning
BABAL – The Glacier & The Big Everything
DC Snakebuster – Self-titled
Flor de Loto – Eclipse +
ifsounds – An Gorta Mór
Kinetic Element – The Face of Life
Lisa LaRue – Origins
Marco Ragni – From the Origins to Somewhere
Overture – Self-titled
Progeland – Harmony of the Universe
The Steve Bonino Project – Stargazer & Stargazer 2
Ten Jinn – Ziggy Blackstar (A Tribute To David Bowie) & Sisypuhs

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RoSfest aka Rites of Spring Festival
May 3rd, 4th & 5th 2019
A Three Day Art-Rock Festival
At the Sarasota Opera House
61 N Pineapple Ave,
Sarasota, FL 34236

For more Information about RoSfest