Persephone’s Dream, named after a Greek myth, is a six-piece Symphonic Neo-Prog band founded in 1993 by guitarist Rowen Poole and bassist Chris Siegle.  Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pa., the band has released five albums of all-original progressive music — not a cover tune among them! Their sound is reminiscent of such well-received artists as Hidria Spacefolk, Magenta, and Izz, and has been influenced by spacey greats such as Ozric Tentacles and progressive luminaries such as Rush and Genesis. 

In a statement from the band:
“This has been a great and energizing year for us so far, and we’re extremely thankful for everyone who’s supported our dream and its journey. Not only are we releasing our sixth album, Anomalous Propagation, but we now also have the distinct honor and high privilege of signing on with Melodic Revolution Records. It’s a Persephone’s Dream come true—we’re beyond excited to work with MRR and find out where this partnership and the music leads us!” 

Persephone’s Dream now have their next opus poised in the wings, just offstage. Music to our ears! They recently finished the recording of their upcoming album, Anomalous Propagation, and it’s due out in late 2019 on LP, CD, & digital.  Log in, friends, and get primed to listen — more details to be announced soon!

Persephone’s Dream Is…
Rowen Poole: guitars, synths, lyrics
Chris Siegle: bass, synths
Heidi Engel: vocals, lyrics
Jim Puskar: drums, percussion
Jason English: guitars, vocals
Laura Martin: pianos, keyboards, synths, vocals

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