Experimental Funk Metal Band signs a multi-album deal with Melodic Revolution Records

We are very excited to be working with Drastic Fall a Florida Experimental Funk Metal Band based out of Tampa. We have been following this band for over a year and we feel it’s time to take this band to the next level. Drastic Fall has a lot to offer, both as a live band and through their releases.

Drastic Fall began as a concept inside of the mind of its guitarist, Richard “Dick” Nasrallah. Like Dr. Frankenstein’s creation, Dick’s vision is both human and monster, relatable but frightening. Dicks’ brain child was born when he began collaborating with Christopher “Monkey” Fotter in 2006, and later Geoff Stone and Cory Robbins. Drastic Fall’s music is a collection of mind-blowing, in-your-face experimental metal with multiple different musical genre overtones. Their sound varies from easy listening, to carnival noises and everything in between. The music is laden with superhuman guitar riffs, rhythmic bass lines and dynamic drum beats.  

In a statement from the band:
Drastic Fall would like to thank Nick Katona and everybody at Melodic Revolution Records for the opportunity to join the MRR family. We are all looking forward to collaborating with you, your team and other MRR artists. After years of hard work we have found someone that sees potential in our music that wants to help bring us to the next level. We feel this is truly a great opportunity for both Drastic Fall and MRR and we are looking forward to a long relationship between the two.

Drastic fall has 2 independent CD releases and one DVD release under their belt.
2011 “Everything, All the Time, All at Once” CD
2012 “Stuff and Things” DVD
2014 “Self Titled” CD

For Additional Information:
Official Website: http://drasticfall.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drasticfallband
Melodic Revolution Records: https://mrrmusic.com/drastic-fall/

Media & Booking Contact:
Booking and Media: Richard Nasrallah
Label Contact: Nick Katona