Now in stock at Melodic Revolution Distribution the brand new album  Melodrama by Jim Morris featuring 11 brand new originals.

1. The Crusher
2. Revelation Suite
3. The Villa
4. Temple Of All
5. Opus Galaxius
6. Melodrama
7. The Gardener
8. Risen
9. Existential Transcendentalism
10. Tear
11. Splittsville

Jim Morris is an enigmatic guitar player and composer who is making his mark on the shredder scene with his unique style of instrumental rock fusion. With the release of his powerfully melodic third album “Melodrama,” Jim celebrates instrumental rock with power and precision. Jim The ability to create unforgettable melodies and merge them with complete orchestral movements using his own unique guitar voice has led to Jim Morris making a name for himself on the instrumental guitar scene.

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Instrumental Rock for fans of Joe Satriani,  Steve Vai & Yngwie Malmsteen.