Murky Red’s “Time Doesn’t Matter” celebrates its eighth anniversary as one of the most loved Melodic Revolution Records releases.


1. I Came A Long Way 
2. On New Year’s Day 
3. Galadriel 
4. Cold Outside 
5. I Give You My Soul 
6. Saturn 
7. Last Chance Hotel 
8. Willow Tree 
9. Boots For Hire 
10. Heal My Bleeding Heart 
11. Black Beast Rising 

Bonus Track Digital Release Only! 

Stef Flaming: Vocals & Guitars 
Patrick Dujardin: Guitars 
Tom Kockelmans: Bass 
Yolanda Flaming: Keys 
Joery Masson: Drums 
Marie Vancamp: Backing Vocals 

Mixed and mastered by Colin Tench 

What the Critics have said about Time Doesn’t Matter 

“Time Doesn’t Matter” is a strong debut album that should have a wide appeal. Fans of late 70’s Pink Floyd appears to be something of a key audience, especially those who tend to enjoy the darker side of this universally well-known band and in particular if they also have a certain affection for the good, old blues. 
– Windhawk | Prog Archives| 4/5 | 2015-11-17

As I was really allowing this to sink in, I felt transported back to rock’s past while still listening to a band and album that was just as modern and relevant as anything within the progressive, stoner, and psychedelic rock communities. Murky Red may draw the most inspiration from the past with their sound but make no mistake they absolutely do not sound dated. I appreciate and enjoy its modern approach. I also like the sense of humor they articulate lyrically within their music. I am giving Murky Red’s Time Doesn’t Matter a 4.5/5 |Robert ‘Uncle Prog’ Brady  | Power of Prog 

The Murky Story in Brief

Murky Red is a Belgian based crossover band founded in 2009, who combines elements of classic rock, prog rock, blues, stoner, and metal in their music. If their musical style was a human life form, it would be the love child of Deep Floyd, The Black Doors, and Led Sabbath. Slayer and Monty Python were the nannies.

In 2011 they signed a record deal with the Florida based record label Melodic Revolution Records, and thanks to the support of Martin Smith (they call him the seventh band member) they were able to release their debut album ‘Time Doesn’t Matter’ in 2012, mixed and mastered by Colin Tench (Corvus Stone, Transmission Rails, Oceans 5, Coalition, CTP), who also became an additional band member actually.

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