Pittsburgh heavy metal band NeverWake release “Suffocate” their 3rd video from their latest release Incinerate filmed in Pittsburgh by Dan GTX, of GTX Media directed and edited Johnny DiCarlo.

“Suffocate” is based on demons/fear we all have one and in the new video by NeverWake it features four demons, each demon represents one of the fears by one band members. These demons are portrayed by local Pittsburgh musicians. Anxiety & Depression by Julia Balzano (Spinning Jenny), Betrayal by Brian Meeks (Resistance 13) Jealousy by Jerry Mulligan (Winter’s Decent), Time by  Dan “Dutch” Lawrence (The Gossamer Project), also featured where each of the members of NeverWake.

According to the band “Suffocate” isn’t just a music video or a song, it’s the way NeverWake wants to bring hope to the people who feel that they’re alone in their darkness.

Watch the video here > https://www.neverwakemusic.com/suffocate/

Johnny DiCarlo // Lead Vocals – Guitar
Justin Sanford // Guitar – Vocals
Marcus Giannamore // Drums
George Scott // Bass


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Incinerate (2016)
SleepWalker (2013)
Vitality (2011)

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