Phil Naro is one of the busiest and most sought after singers in the music scene today and his name seems to be popping up all over now days. His current outing has him enlisted by Venezuelan Progressive Fusion band “Backhand” to be the voice of their new release Through The Turbulence.

Through the Turbulence is Backhands fifth album featuring six beautifully arranged instrumentals and six vocal tracks featuring Phil Naro. Phil is no stranger when it comes to progressive rock, his third release with Canadian Neo Prog band Druckfarben is entitled “Second Sound” and will be released on March 22nd also in the works is a new music by CTP (Colin Tench Project) and sees Phil singing on the track “Can’t See It Any Other Way” Phil is also recording his second album with Jim Crean & King Friday, as well as the brand a new DDrive album, which will be their sixth release to date.

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Phil Naro
Jim Crean
King Friday

Listen to Backhand: Through The Turbulence