Melodic Revolution records is proud to release the upcoming new live album by Transport Aerian

As mentioned in a previous blog post by Transport Aerian, their objective for 2024 was to launch a live album, celebrating the evolution of Skywound through the rigorous testing it underwent during numerous live performances over the past two years. The album was recorded during a private show in Ghent.

In contrast to their previous self-produced releases, Transport Aerian opted for external production, mixing, and mastering. They enlisted the expertise of French sound engineer Charles Férec, also a progressive metal musician, renowned for his proficiency in live sound. Férec, who operates out of “Studio la Sellerie” in France, excelled in deciphering the dynamic essence of the live album recordings, meticulously captured by Lukja Vanaverbeke during their live performance. The band expresses excitement about the possibilities that arise from granting their fellow producers ample creative freedom, with a singular focus on the music itself.

Here is what Charles had to say about the production process:

« I’m Charles Férec, guitar player in the French band « Ceild » and more recently in « Amort ». I’m also a live sound engineer. Two years ago, I decided to work more and more in studio productions, as it’s always fascinated me. It’s been a very long way, but today I’m glad to work with bands like Transport Aerian! I’m trying to do it with love and passion to give the best-sounding result for each song I worked on. Mixing the « Live in Ghent » album was a trip, very pleasant. I had to deal with songs that had many faces, and many different ambiances and were also very dynamic. Each song deserved its own mix to reveal its very personal identity. I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I loved working on that live album! »

Similar to the band’s previous live album, “Love.Blood.Live” from 2014, Transport Aerian has chosen to exclude audience sounds between tracks on their upcoming record, fully immersing listeners in the performance.

Additionally, the live album is scheduled for release in Belgium and globally by Melodic Revolution Records on March 16, 2024, following a live presentation at the iconic Hell venue. This event will feature special guests, including the modern industrial metal spectacle of October Changes and the exceptional progressive metal group Esprit d’Escalier from France.

Following the release show, a series of concerts titled “Exit Skywound” will take place in Belgium, the Netherlands, and France. This tour offers possibly the final opportunity to witness the current set list live and acquire one of the remaining copies of the original Skywound album. Transport Aerian intends to bid farewell to this program and embark on new endeavors after concluding the live album tour.

The band extends an invitation for you to join us on this journey of celebrating progressive rock music and our latest release. We look forward to sharing a drink together.

Warm regards, Hamlet Transport Aerian

01. Abstract Symphony V: The Immortals
02. Full Body Access
3. Shall Not Be
04. Big Heart
05. Lunatic
06. Falling 20
07. Destroy Me
08. Inspire
09. Smirking Sirens
10. The Effect
11. Skywound

Band Members
Hamlet // Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass Guitar, Programming, Drums, and Samples
Stefan Boeykens // Guitars
Paul De Smet // Drums
Umut Eldem // Contemporary Classic Composer, Keyboards

For fans of Riverside, Pain Of Salvation, Porcupine Tree, A Perfect Circle , and so on….

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