Babal – Life is Furniture ( single)

Digital: $1

May appeal to listeners of Talking Heads, Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Bent Knee, Jimi Hendrix, Primus, and Patti Smith


This piece is lyrically in two parts; the first part was inspired by my love/hate relationship with flat packs and it seemed a good metaphor for how I see the world. The second part was a response to the hellishness of the UK’s austerity “plan” of the past 13 years. Then the piece morphed into my love of nature and rooks in particular and how they help to keep me sane. I followed the rhythms the band gave me, and the song has a cyclical, mantra feel whilst employing (at the start) a misleadingly pleasing jazz vocal. Caught you there, ha-ha. Happy listening.