Jeffrey Erik Mack – The Forgotten Earth

CD: $ 14 DIGITAL: $ 12


Released April 7, 2021

1. The Circus Parable 09:43 video
2. Sailing the Cosmic Ocean 09:36
3. The Witch of Pendle Forest 07:36
4. Empire of the Elf 10:58
5. Concerto No.2 in B minor III. Allegro (In memory of Rinat Ibragimov) 05:47
6. Architect of Existence 03:26
7. A Farewell to a King 07:46
8. Dark Night of the Soul 10:48


Melodic Revolution Records is thrilled to announce the long-awaited solo album by Scarlet Hollow bassist and composer Jeffrey Erik Mack. The albums being released on CD, and in both 16-bit and 24-bit Hi-Res digital.

When you think of Progressive Rock music you might imagine overambitious chord progressions, pompous synthesizer noodling, and long, endless musical phrases that never seem to end. But, think again. Jeffrey Erik Mack’s music is much deeper than that. In fact, it is the epitome of Prog with poetic storytelling through the medium of instrumental music.

The Band
Jeffrey Erik Mack – Bass Guitar, Keyboards, & Bass pedal Synths
Brett Stine – Guitar
Gregg Olson – Guitar
Kristian Terzic – Synth and Piano
Justin Lepard – Cello
Justin Klunk – Tenor Sax