Box of Shamans – Belief and Illusion

CD: $12 Digital $10


1. Belief 05:56
2. All For You 01:21
3. Optical Delusion 03:30
4. Circumstances Divide 02:48
5. The Search 10:30
6. May Daze 03:27
7. Intruder 05:21
8. Tune In 02:44
9. AnIllusory Ploy 05:55


Founded in Los Angeles, USA in 2012

Hailing out of Los Angeles, BOX OF SHAMANS is a new musical project featuring current members of last year’s breakout progressive rock band, Heliopolis, venturing into more adventurous and darker cinematic territory on their full- length debut release, “Belief and Illusion”.

BOX OF SHAMANS is led by the multi-instrumental prowess of Michael Matier (Heliopolis, Ten Jinn) and the soaring voice and wordplay of Scott Jones (Heliopolis, Rocket Scientists), who have been writing together for many years. Virtuoso drummer Jerry Beller (Heliopolis, Mars Hollow) joins them for this release. Together they create a unique fusion of styles that will excite all fans of cutting-edge modern progressive rock and especially fans of the many bands whose histories they have collectively touched and enhanced.