Corvus Stone – Corvus Stone II

CD: $ 7 Digital: $ 7

1. The Simple Life 02:00
2. Early Morning Call 03:52
3. Boots For Hire 08:58
4. Sneaky Entrance In To Lisa 00:29
5. Purple Stone 03:22
6. A Stoned Crow Meets The Rusty Wolff Rat 07:37
7. Lisa Has A Cigar 00:46
8. Mr. Cha Cha 04:49
9. Dark Tower 01:48
10. Scandinavians In Mexico 05:06
11. Mystery Man 06:37
12. Camelus Bactrianus (Tuolla Tuonnempana) 08:42
13. Uncle Schunkle 04:38
14. Eternal Universe 03:53
15. Moaning Lisa 14:08
16. Campfire (Tulen Luona) 02:16


Corvus Stone II studio line-up

Colin Tench – Guitars
Petri Lemmy Lindström – Bass
Pasi Koivu – keyboards
Robert Wolff – Drums & Percussion
Sonia Mota – All artwork and video work

Special Guests:
Sean Filkins – Vocals
Phil Naro – Vocals
German Vergara – Vocals
Timo Rautiainen – Vocals
Blake Carpenter – Vocals
Victor Tassone – Percussion
Andres Guazzelli – Vocals

You Need To Know About CORVUS STONE II

We were asked recently about how we record. Who goes first etc.
We are spread around the world, so it would be easy to end up with very studio sounding lifeless, perfect songs. A band who can write songs together have the chance to mess around in a rehearsal and bounce ideas around, leading to music that is unique because the whole band affects what ends up in the structure. Great things can come from a riff, rhythm sound or strange noise if 4 or 5 people hear it for the first time in a rehearsal. So! What we DON’T do, is send a fully finished song to the others, with instructions for chords, or what to do with it etc.