Forever Twelve – Neighborhood of Spirits

CD: $14 Digital: $12

1. Mankind 06:42
2. August In September 06:20
3. Eight Billion Heartbeats 09:23
4. New Man 08:31
5. Neighborhood Of Spirits 07:52
6. Peaceful Planet 05:33
7. A Thousand Men 10:01


Forever Twelve’s 2023 album release “Neighborhood Of Spirits” is a seven-song analogy of human behaviors, scenarios, and possibilities. The sounds and structures of the music cycle through many aspects of our collective experiences and conditions. We hear happiness, sadness, longing, surprise, anger, tranquility, hope, beauty and chaos. “Neighborhood Of Spirits” lives comfortably in both the Progressive and the Rock/Crossover genres, and fans of both will resonate with this latest work.

CD housed in a Gate-fold style Jacket with an eight-page full-color lyrical program.
Recommended if you like AmuZeum, Mars Hollow, Greta Van Fleet, Heliopolis, Box of Shamans, Maze of Time, and Vienna Circle