Gabriel Keller – Clair Obscur

CD: $16 Digital: $10

1. Tumulte (Feat. Charlie Henry) 03:26
2. Time (Feat. Emi B) 05:01
3. Train To Resolution (Feat. Emi B) 04:27
4. Open Arms (Feat. Emi B) 05:12
5. Melancholia (Feat. Charlotte Gagnor) 03:50
6. Au Clair Obscur (Feat. Clément Barou) 06:42
7. Nothing Human (Feat. Maïté Merlin) 05:35
8. Out Of My Life (Feat. Maïté Merlin) 06:50
9. Honey (Feat. Marine Poirier) 04:44
10 Accalmie 02:58


Clair Obscur
This is an album of 10 tracks divided into two parts:
– A clear, bright, rather pop first part, tinged with influences from groups like the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and many others. – A more obscure, dark and tortured second part in which we can hear the inspirations of bands like Opeth or Porcupine tree. Hence the name of this album: Clair Obscur.

Not being a singer, like Slash and his first album, each title is a collaboration with an artist that Gabriel appreciates. Thus, there are no less than 4 singers (each writing in the language of their choice) and 3 guitarists in the album. There is also a brass section, a string quartet and many other surprises.
The music is rock oriented, but not only. There is a large part left to Beatlesian pop, with a great use of backing vocals and acoustic instruments. A part is also nourished by more progressive influences.
Gabriel succeeded in developing his own universe. A universe rather provided, dense, which aims to make its listeners travel and transmit emotions to them.