Heliopolis – City of The Sun

CD: $ 12.00 Digital $ 10.00


1. New Frontier 10:09
2. Take A Moment 08:54
3. Mr. Wishbone 03:29
4. Elegy 06:05
5. Love And Inspiration 14:04


Released on 10t Records

Formed in the summer of 2012, Heliopolis set out determined to celebrate the uplifting power of music. They began writing their debut album, “City of the Sun,” while simultaneously undertaking a string of acclaimed live performances where the band proved their viability and commitment to excellence onstage, wowing audiences with their energy, intensity, musicianship, and songwriting.

Comprised of former members of acclaimed progressive rock acts Mars Hollow, Ten Jinn, Rocket Scientists, and Genesis tribute Gabble Ratchet, Heliopolis is a forward-thinking musical collective on a mission to deliver the very best in contemporary progressive rock music paired with an ultimately optimistic message.

“Plenty of alterations in pace, mood, and style to keep the old school prog heads satisfied, and some nice slick keyboard effects that adds a slight Italian prog vibe to the proceedings too.”
– Olav Martin Bjørnsen/Progressor (www.progressor.net)