Guilty of Innocence

CD: $10 LP: $20  Digital: $10

LP Tracklisting

Side One
1. Behind The Curtain 03:43
2. Take Your Medicine 04:10
3. Guilty Of Innocence 03:16
4. Face 05:46
5. Hysteria 04:13
6. Affluenza 03:08

Side Two
1. Parallel Reality 03:10
2. Game Of Chicken 05:03
3. Dream Diary Cadenza 04:12
4.Soul Food 12:46

CD Same Running Order


5th studio CD by electric violinist Joe Deninzon and Stratospheerius on Melodic Revolution Records. The album features guest appearances by guitarist Alex Skolnick (Testament), keyboardist Rave Tesar (Renaissance), and guitarist/vocalist Randy McStine(The Fringe). The album also features a reimagined version of Muse’s classic, “Hysteria,” which is the first single.

CD & Digital released July 29th, 2017 LP released October 8th, 2028

Joe Deninzon-electric violin, lead vocals, mandolin, guitar
Aurelien Budynek-guitar,vocals
Jamie Bishop-bass, vocals
Lucianna Padmore-drums

Rave Tesar-keyboards
Alex Skolnick-guitar
Randy McStine-guitar, background vocals
Melanie Mitrano-vocals
Eddie Venegas-violin
Earl Maneein-viola
Leo Grinhauz-cello
Patrice Jackson-cello
Benny Koonyevsky-drums

Engineered by Rave Tesar, Joe Deninzon, Tom Tedesco, and Alex Salzman
Mixed by Alex Salzman and Nic Hard
Mastered by Rave Tesar
Produced by Joe Deninzon
©2017 Fiddlefunk Music. All rights reserved.