Leon Alvarado – Outside The Dream

CD: $7 Digital: $5

1. Outside The Dream Epic Edition 10:02 video
2. Alternate Frequencies Single Version 05:52



This EP contains 16 minutes of content consisting of music that was recorded during the last quarter of 2022 with some additional material recorded in January of 2023.

“Outside the Dream, Epic Edition” is an expansion and rearrangement of the piece by the same name from the “Charging The Electric Dream” album.

The second song in the CD is “Alternate Frequencies” which is found as is in the album “Charging The Electric Dream”.
Both songs in this EP were composed and recorded during sessions between October and November of 2022.
Although the music directly relates to the “Charging The Electric Dream” album, the artwork for the CD follows its own path resembling the style of illustrated artwork found in science-fiction posters from the 70’s. Being heavily influenced by the music from those days, I thought a touch of nostalgia depicting a “future that might have been,” would be appropriate for this particular project.