Forever Twelve – New Man (Radio Edit)

Digital: $1

Single from upcoming album Neighborhood of Spirits

John Baker : Lead Vocals
Steve Barberic : Keyboards
Tom Graham : Guitar, Keyboards, Bass & Vocals
Robert Craft : Drums

Produced by Forever Twelve
Mixed by To m Graham and John Baker. Mastered by John Baker. Graphics/Cover Photo/Graphic Design: Lisa LaRue-Baker


New Man depicts the confident mindset of all peoples’ endeavors to be equipped and empowered for the present and future times. It’s a sort of refresher course in strength and cooperation that can seem threatening to some and wonderful to others. It’s also a dig at some of the traditional and modern attitudes that stifle human progress and confuse society – a dig at those whose resistance to inclusivity can become sinister. New Man is a positive remark on the enduring side of our nature. The long version of New Man will appear on the upcoming album Neighborhood Of Spirits released in September.