Overhead – Haydenspark

CD: $17 Digital: $10

1. Animation for the Poor Man 04:13
2. Last Generation 05:15
3. Count Your Blessings 04:44
4. Haydenspark 09:24
5. King of the World 05:31
6. Across the Nation 05:23
7. Death by Tribulation 05:19
8. The Fall 03:54
9. Gone Too Far 08:04


After years of hard work, and closing in on the band’s 20-year mark, Overhead are back with the new album Haydenspark, sounding better than ever!

The album is lyrically inspired by recent and current events in the world. The music features strong and catchy melodies and riffs, dynamic beats and is delivered with a Classic Rock sound. The music ranges from Rock, Prog and heavier riffs to more acoustic atmospheres, so the new album has a diverse and intense sound. Virtuosic guitar and drum work, groovy and strong bass lines and deeply emotional and melodic vocals are the tools to build the scenic music, where the atmosphere varies from melancholic to hard-hitting.

The band sounds it’s absolute best on this album. Haydenspark combines the sound of the earlier albums with a new and exiting, more guitar-driven direction. The album presents a noticeably more experienced band with catchy hooks and still remains unpredictable

Recommended if you like Oak, Rain, Freedom to Glide, Karfagen and Damanek among others.