Overhead – Metaepitome

CD: $17 Digital: $7

1. Metaepitome 19:40
2. Warning: Ending (Without Warning) 07:56
3. Point of View 05:17
4. Butterfly’s Cry 07:04
5. Arrival of the Red Bumblebee 02:16
6. Dawn 16:21


Overhead’s second opus “Metaepitome” is composed by six long and epic pieces, two of them being suites about 15 and 20 minutes long. Overhead’s progressive rock becomes really innovative and personal, when it’s mixed with some psychedelic and electronic sequences and performed with a power not unlike heavy-metal. The ingredients: retro keyboard sounds, lively bass parts, elegant vocals, nice flute and excellent guitar playing.

Housed in a digi-pak with 12-page full-color booklet

Recommended if you like Oak, Rain, Freedom to Glide, Karfagen and Damanek among others.