Overhead – Of Sun and Moon

CD: $12 Digital: $7

1. Lost Inside Pt. 2 04:57
2. Berlin 04:10
3. An Afternoon of Sun and Moon 05:15
4. Aftermath 05:11
5. Syriana 04:04
6. Grotte 03:38
7. Last Broadcast 06:17
8. Alive 07:45
9. Angels and Demons 07:23


After completing their trilogy, Overhead are back with their long awaited fourth studio album “Of Sun and Moon”. A masterpiece delivered with catchy melodies, dynamic beats and set in familiar Classic Rock scenery.

Epic highs and deep lows, the music goes form hypnotically trippy to surgically edgy. Inspired by the perpetual darkness of the Finnish winter and the never ending sunlight of the Finnish summer. Artrock, Progressive Rock and Metal.

8-page digipak with mesmerizing 3D graphics

Recommended if you like Oak, Rain, Freedom to Glide, Karfagen and Damanek among others.