RED32 – RED32

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RED32 is a new crossover progressive pop rock band based throughout the United States featuring members of Tony Romero’s Vortex, Xaoslord, Bomber Goggles, and States. The band strives to blend the varied influences of its four members into a forward looking musical expression.

Anthony Romero
Keys, Spoken Word, & Background Vocals
Recorded at DJ Tony Studios

Steve Bonino
Vocals Bass Guitar Keys, Drum Programing
Recorded at Trippyone Studios

Robert Schlinder
Recorded at Studio Robeone

Eric Confer
Recorded at Xaoslord Studios

Special Guests
Mike Sherrill Drums on Slow Burn
Billy Allen Bass on Mean

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About the Album
According to the Steve Bonino (TRV, Bomber Goggles, Solo). “Tony Romero was throwing out ideas for a second Tony Romero’s Vortex (TRV) album as he, Robert, Steve and Eric were sending audio files back and forth, enhancing Tony’s ideas as they have done in the past. However, half way through the recording process it became clear that what was being created felt different from a Tony solo project. It was sounding like a band unto itself. Thus RED32 was born as an inspired creation morphing out of another inspired creation. The band is excited to share this new sound with you. An amalgam of styles: rock, pop rock, progressive rock , art rock with a touch of ambient thrown into the mix. Filled with memorable melodies, thoughtful lyrics and creative arrangements, we invite you to spin the roulette wheel and land with us on RED32.”