T.A.P – Paradigms

CD: $14 Digital: $12

1. Infinite Names 11:57
2. The Progbient 05:02
3. Initiate Protocol 7 05:55
4. Signal Transactions 06:22
5. Silence from the Storm 12:27
6. The Last Words of Dutch Schultz 05:02
7. Terminus 05:40
8. Silence from the Storm (HOI Mix) 08:17


This blend of indie prog artists blend their talents into a brew of progressive music, garnished with some twists of psych, ethnic music, and jazz. The usual suspect instruments are here, guitars, bass, and drums, along with keyboards of all stripes and finished off with violin, flute, tamboura, and oud. Primarily instrumental, with some vocal choir effects, this is tasteful, rich, and delicious music to be savoured. Favorite track: is Terminus.
– Nickie Harte Kelly