Ten Jinn – Ardis

CD: $14 Digital: $10

Elegy I
Brotherhood of Man Slaves of the Machine Say Aye/Bishop’s Vision Elegy II

Adumbrations: beginning of the end
The Red Virgin

Nightmare Ardis/Elegy III


US Symphonic Art-rock band TEN JINN Release ARDIS, inspired by Jack London’s Novel the Iron Heel

ARDIS is TEN JINNS highly anticipated new release and the first new album of original music since 2018’s SISYPHUS

About The Album
Ten Jinn’s new record, Ardis (a concept album in song-cycle form) is loosely inspired by Jack London’s Novel, the Iron Heel, first published in 1908, and tells the story of an Oligarchy, which takes over America during the first decades of the 20th century. This chaotic period of the past is viewed through the lens of a 27th-century scholar (Anthony Meredith) working out of the “wonder city” of Ardis in the year 419 B.O.M. (Brotherhood of Man), still standing four centuries after the fall of the totalitarian state and leading to the eventual rise of an enlightened society.

The songs are organized in a “cinematic” manner, moving between the two aforementioned time periods, and shifting between the two points of view in an effort to provide a musically contrasting arc of the storyline. It is the juxtaposition of these two diametrically opposed societal structures that is important and, as such, specific mention of the main characters in the book was intentionally left out of the record.

Singles include Adumbrations: beginning of the end, Slaves of the Machine, and Nightmare