The Gardening Club – Boy On A Bike

CD: $14 Digital: $12

1. Riding the Thermal 03:07
2. Ravensgate 01:31
3. Elemental 01:07
4. Circling 04:41
5. Night Ride 01:29
6. Boy on a Bike 06:30
7. Elegy 01:52
8. For a Moment 04:52
9. The Clock 01:04
10. Wolfgate 03:09
11. The Brushmarks of Heaven 03:27
12. Cloudgate 01:46
13. Cycling Tour 03:29
14. Stitching 04:08
15. Gardengate 01:24


The Gardening Club 3rd album, BOY ON A BIKE brought to you by the same team that assembled that produced The Riddle along with some special musical guests.

A visual and musical concept arose as the album was being created; life is full of Gateways, places we go to, or are drawn to, some positive some not so, but all part of the Bicycle Ride Of Life! This particular ride was not along a straight highway, more of a twisty turny country lane, starting out in Kent, the garden of England, then careering off to the Mohave desert, where a line of cosmic gateways conveniently lined up to admit the sounds and songs being recorded and then released forth their own aural commentary on the general proceedings. A circling of sights and sounds!