Tony Romero’s Vortex – Africa (featuring Robeone)

Digital: $1

Tony Romero’s Vortex
Anthony Romero Roland FA06 – Hydrasynth Explorer – Korg Minilogue

Special Guest
Robert Schindler – Moog Subsequent 37, Mellotron, Synth & Wizardry

Written by Romero / Schindler
Recorded at DJ Tony studios in Hillsboro Oregon & Studio Robeone In Mathews North Carolina
Mixed by Anthony Romero

Illustration Layout Nick Katona at Zene Háza


Africa is the first single from the upcoming second album from Tony Romero’s Vortex titled ZEN is out today and the new work features deep lush layered textures and unexpected sounds and is is inspired by Meditation – Calmness – Chill – Spiritual wellness – Hypnotic – Trance.