We are beyond excited to announce that Melodic Revolution Records and 20 of its artists are featured in the latest issue of PROG Magazine via a new music sampler.

PROG PRESENTS… Discovering Melodic Revolution Records – Ripples In Time Before Then Was Now! The latest issue of PROG Magazine, Issue No.131 due to hit the U.K. newsstands on July 1st and late July 29th in the USA.

Also in this issue, is the return of Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, and their new single in support of the people of the Ukraine, God of Hellfire Arthur Brown. A Tribute to the late Vangelis and YES drummer Alan White. Interviews with The Tangent, The Utopia Strong, Coheed and Cambria, Billy Howerdel, Ms Amy Birks, Last flight to Pluto, Susanna, Earthless and more…

PROG PRESENTS… Discovering Melodic Revolution Records – Ripples In Time Before Then Was Now! Tracklisting

1. Sun King Rising – Anchorless 05:48
2. GorMusik – The Lost 17:38
3. Thoughts Factory – Nightfall 05:30
4. The Steve Bonino Project – Eva Prima Pandora 04:49
5. Amadeus Awad – Lonesome Clown 12:29
6. Peter Matuchniak featuring Shawn Gorden – She Knows 03:20
7. Gayle Ellett & the Electromags – No Deposit, No Return 06:15
8. Transport Aerian – Skywound 05:14
9. Robert Svilpa – Foucault’s Pendulum (1st Movement) 08:15
10. Time’s Forgotten – Moments of Clarity 05:42
11. A Gardening Club Project – The Turning of Glass 06:08
12. Arnoldo’s Lizards – Loose Strap 03:28
13. Tony Romero’s Vortex – Noise Machine 04:55
14. Babal – 3 Minutes 06:45
15. Kinetic Element – All Open Eyes 15:56
16. Potter’s Daughter – To My Love 05:13
17. Drive In Movie Band – Sorry We’re Closed 04:30
18. AmuZeum – Naysayer 06:34
19. Time Horizon – The Great Divide 06:10
20. Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius – The Prism (Live at ProgStock) 05:04

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Melodic Revolution Records is celebrating 15 years as an independent label based in the USA. We are a family of music fanatics, and musicians delivering the listener music that inspires and makes us think while cultivating memories…music that will stand the test of time. 

Diverse music from many cultures and countries including, but not limited to the United Kingdom, Lebanon, Argentina, Costa Rica, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Australia, Finland, USA, and Sweden. 

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