1. DMK
2. Asunción
3. The Devil Returns
4. Intouríst Suite
5. Mr. Darwin
6. Side Hustle
7. The Red Apple
8. Smiling
9. Mr. Skin (CD Only Bonus Track) Spirit Cover 10. The Red Apple 2 (Acoustic) (Bonus Track) 11. Asunción (Española) (Bonus Track)

Total Running Time: 55 Minutes

About Intouríst
Step into a realm where the echoes of 70’s prog rock giants are reborn; “Intouríst” weaves a tapestry of soul-stirring epics, from the rush of a comet’s trail to the eternal dance of zombie love, each track a prog rock prayer made manifest. Get lost in a narrative odyssey of otherworldly desires and heartfelt homecomings, all set to a soundtrack of fiery riffs that are destined to resonate with the rebels of yesterday and today. This is not just music—it’s a portal to a time when rock was a revolution, and every note promised a journey into the extraordinary.

Along with the release of the new prog rock album, “Intourist,” on Saturday, May 4 at 12 PM noon CT / 1:00 PM ET / 10 AM PT / 7 PM Amsterdam time, Refestramus’ new music video will be premiere on YouTube

Directed by Anna Fokin, “Smiling” features Romanian actress/actor Monica Pop ( as Agent M. Refestramus’ drummer/songwriter/Wizard Derek Ferguson discovered Ms. Fokin’s work on YouTube, where she has “the absolute best video series for learning Russian”: (

Derek loves “recurring characters, like ‘Aqualung’ and ‘Cross-Eyed Mary,’ which appear in multiple Jethro Tull songs. Combined with my belief that Prog needs to be more photogenic, I created the character Agent Mikrovolnovka, which is a joke. ‘Mikrovolnovka’ sounds mysterious and alluring, but it is actually the Russian word for ‘microwave oven.’”

Both the song and video for “Smiling” are about maintaining other people’s happiness by not expressing your own displeasure. There’s a bit in the middle of the video and song where the music stops, the aquarium breaks, and all the water breaks loose, and that’s a metaphor for bottling things up and then having them all spill out.

Art rock group Refestramus, pronounced re-fes-TRA-mus, is named after a word that Derek’s mother made up to mean “rearrange.” Colouratura’s Ian Beabout produced the new album, “Intourist” (Melodic Revolution Records)!

Much of the group was found on Induction lead singer Craig Cairns, Brazilian keyboardist maestro Rogelio Desouza, and rock vocalists NIDA, Denisse Ferrara, and Vedrana Lina. The rest of the group came from work connections Ian and Derek have, including Colouratura bandmates Derek Pavlic and Nathan James, saxophonist Mitch Lawrence, plus multi-instrumentalists Jerry King (bass) and Dave Newhouse (accordion).

Derek sums up his band’s mission, “Our music seeks to embrace the full spectrum of human emotions, weaving narratives that reflect both the peaks and valleys of life, in line with Prog Magazine’s praise of our ‘high-brow concepts and bizarre comedic turns.’”

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