Arnoldo’s Lizards

Short Bio

Arnoldo’s Lizards is a newborn band based in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Consisting of Alvare Goco (22) on vocals and Jack Dimensions (23) on keyboards, the band dances between different genres, mainly pop-rock, prog and funk-rock fusion.

Alvare Goco was a solo artist before joining the band, performing in local pubs singing blues, jazz, and classic rock songs. Jack Dimensions is a member of several projects, including the Argentinian-Russian prog-rock duo “Problematic Dimension” and the ska-rock band “La Whillington”, among others. He has also worked with fellow Argentinian composer Andres Guazzelli on his album ‘Atypical‘ and his latest single, ‘Flores de Abril’.

Their debut EP, ‘Satanic Attack or Divine Punishment’ was co-written by the band and produced by Jack Dimensions himself. 

Arnoldo and his Lizards’ world drives us from coast to coast, dragging us by force to leave our comfort zone and ultimately face who we really are. They prompt us to scream, cry and dance our soul off with unbridled abandon while we question the very core of our beings.


Satanic Attack or Divine Punishment (2021) TBA


Alvare Goco: vocals and backing vocals. 
Jack Dimensions: vocals, backing vocals, piano, keyboards, synthesizers, and programming. 
Gustavo Ciambotti on drums is the youngest member of the group. At 19 years old was the drummer of several musical projects of the local scene. With heavy rock, influences brings to the band all the power he has. A truly rough diamond.
Belen maña (aka “La vieja” or in English “the Old Lady”) is the guitarist of the band. With a long history at the national music scene, and being a member of great local bands such as “Selva”, she brings with herself the pure sound of rock, funk, and jazz, sounds that always make her stand out with her unique and particular style.
Ezequiel Volpe, well known for having worked with us on “Satanic attack Or Divine Punishment”, is our bass player and also It’s our “Groove Wall” With a classic style, funky and rock influences, Volpe is a versatile musician capable of making the bass stand out as no one else could.

Additional Musicians In The Studio

● Elías Ciambotti: bass and electric guitars. 
● Ezequiel Volpe: bass. 
● Randall Lewer: electric guitars. 
● Florabril Leguimus: backing vocals 
● Andres Guazzelli: backing vocals 

Style of Music

Art-rock, Progressive Rock, Pop


Mar del Plata

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