Arnoldo’s Lizards

Arnoldo’s Lizards is a band that defies categorization, embarking on an ever-evolving musical journey. From Mar del Plata, Argentina, Arnoldo’s Lizards was founded by Jack Dimensions and Alvare Goco in late 2020. They swiftly. transformed their “DIY” home studio into a creative sanctuary, pushing the boundaries of sound. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of genres, they crafted a captivating and eclectic sound that defies convention. Their groundbreaking debut album caught the attention of Melodic Revolution Records, leading to critical acclaim and a spot in Prog Magazine’s top 10 releases of the year, solidifying Arnoldo’s Lizards place among the most promising acts in the art-rock music scene. With their innovative compositions and infectious energy, Arnoldo’s Lizards continues to captivate audiences, leaving an indelible mark on the music scene.

Comprised of Gustavo Ciambotti, Ezequiel Volpe, Nacho Sosa, Enrico Barboza, Alvare Goco, and Jack Dimensions, the band’s collective talent and shared passion create a unique synergy that drives their quest to create fresh, eclectic music. With each performance, they infuse their youthful spirit and unwavering dedication, resonating with audiences worldwide and leaving a lasting impression. Arnoldo’s Lizards’ music transcends boundaries, inviting listeners to embrace the ever-evolving landscape of their sonic exploration.

Arnoldo’s Lizards’ debut album, titled “Satanic Attack or Divine Punishment, ” was co-written by Alvare Goco, and Jack Dimensions and produced too by himself. This album showcases their artistic versatility and unique sound. Opening with the track “Motherships, ” the album introduces dark screams and sulfurous sounds that seamlessly transition into a catchy and upbeat pop-rock melody. The album offers a diverse blend of styles and influences. The 70´ s sound of “To Fly” to the romantic and vintage synth sounds of “Fake Modesty. ” The track “Injected Blame” features a heavy orchestral melody, layered vocals, and a prominent piano presence, while “Loose Strap” takes listeners on an adventurous and genre-blending journey. At the end of the album, “Step Wrong – Alive” delivers an emotionally charged and captivating experience. Within the album, listeners will also discover the mesmerizing track “Weightless, ” which further enriches the sonic landscape of “Satanic Attack or Divine Punishment. ” This song showcases Arnoldo’s Lizards’ ability to create a final pop/prog/rock piece that unfolds with a hyper-melodic and precise theme, developed in a recurrent and particularly baroque manner. The album garnered international recognition and received positive reviews upon its release on July 16, 2021, through the American record label Melodic Revolution Records. Within its first month, the album accumulated over 20,000 streams worldwide, captivating audiences with its innovative sound. Esteemed magazines in the United States, France, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom provided favorable reviews, with Prog Magazine, a renowned progressive rock publication based in the UK, even including the album in their top 10 list of the best albums of the year.

Third Album: In parallel, Arnoldo’s Lizards has already begun the recording process for their third album. While three songs are already in the works, the band’s vision is to create a full-length. album comprising ten tracks. This upcoming release promises to push the boundaries of their sound even further, exploring new sonic territories and showcasing the band’s evolving musicality.

International Tour: As a young and dedicated band from Argentina, Arnoldo’s Lizards is actively seeking opportunities to embark on an international tour. With a strong desire to connect
with English-speaking audiences and share their music with a wider fan base, the band aims to bring their electrifying live performances to venues in English-speaking countries. Stay
tuned for updates on their international touring plans as they continue to expand their reach.

Alvare Goco: vocals and backing vocals. 
Jack Dimensions: vocals, backing vocals, piano, keyboards, synthesizers, and programming. 
Gustavo Ciambotti on drums is the youngest member of the group. At 19 years old was the drummer of several musical projects of the local scene. With heavy rock, influences brings to the band all the power he has. A truly rough diamond.
Belen maña (aka “La vieja” or in English “the Old Lady”) is the guitarist of the band. With a long history at the national music scene, and being a member of great local bands such as “Selva”, she brings with herself the pure sound of rock, funk, and jazz, sounds that always make her stand out with her unique and particular style.
Ezequiel Volpe, well known for having worked with us on “Satanic attack Or Divine Punishment”, is our bass player and also It’s our “Groove Wall” With a classic style, funky and rock influences, Volpe is a versatile musician capable of making the bass stand out as no one else could.

● Elías Ciambotti: bass and electric guitars. 
● Ezequiel Volpe: bass. 
● Randall Lewer: electric guitars. 
● Florabril Leguimus: backing vocals 
● Andres Guazzelli: backing vocals 

Happy Without Your Consent (2023) CD, Digital and Streaming
Tonight Single (2023) Digital and Streaming
Keep It On (2022) Digital and Streaming
American Dream (2022) Digital and Streaming
Satanic Attack or Divine Punishment (2021) Digital and Streaming

Progressive Art Rock with a dash of Avant-garde, Dance, Pop, and many other influences

Mar del Plata, Argentina


Phone + 154 223 311-8020

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1065 E State Rd 434 
Box 5133
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