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Capturing the angst of 21st Century Britain with Karen Langley’s sharply observed lyrics, laced with the manically haunting guitars of Rob Williams and enhanced by Zoie Green’s trippy keyboards, plus groove drivers Ben Balsom on bass and Jon Sharp on electronic drums, BABAL deliver a theatrical, barbed performance that defies categorization.

BABAL reveal a dystopian, sideways view of life; their psych/art-rock approach calling up comparisons with Talking Heads, Zappa, Beefheart, Hendrix and Patti Smith among many. The band have gathered great responses from the UK and Europe and have also played live soundtracks for Alternative Cinema presentations.
Karen Langleys’ sharp lyrics and powerfully fluid vocals soar over groove-driven soundscapes and songs, meshed with blistering guitars.

 Their 4th album The Circle of Confusion of Tongues” was released on MRR on vinyl, CD and digital formats in April 2018.”

“Part 2 of “The Circle of Confusion of Tongues” trilogy – “The Glacier” EP was released on MRR in CD and digital formats in September 2018″

” Part 2B of “The “Circle of Confusion of Tongues” trilogy – “The Big Everything” EP will be released on MRR in CD and digital formats in late February/March 2019.

“The final part of the trilogy “(I’m Just) A Spirit In A Meat Suit” will be released on MRR later in 2019″.

Some of the festivals played in 2017:

Beautiful Days, Kozfest, Feral Fest, On Board the Craft, Phoenix Alt-Fest, 15th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus Psych Fest, Sistafest, Alice’s Wicked Tea Party, Hastrek, Tannerfest

Charming, alarming and serving up improvisational chunks of beauty between slices of rich vocals, the ever-evolving BABAL mix groove-based rock with strange, enigmatic lyrics and blistering rhythms, topped by stunning guitars.

Driven by soaring vocal dynamics, and twisting into vibrant guitar soundscapes, BABAL’s music is underpinned by a stronghold of bass and drums. BABAL morph from dark to light, shadow to shiny, leaving a trail of sparkling crescendos, bold rhythms and provoking lyrics. The band move easily between improvised, poetic fusion mixes to theatrical, political, hard-hitting pieces that express the satirical, eccentric core of the BABALONEONS themselves – each one a virtuoso; united they create an intricate web of passionate, vibrant music.

Band Members

Karen Langley // Vocals
Rob Williams // Guitars & Synthesis
Jon Sharp // Drums

Guest musicians:
Zoie Green // Keyboards
Ben Balsom // Bass


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MRR Discography

The Big Everything EP (2019) CD & Digital
The Glacier EP (2018) CD & Digital
The Circle of Confusion of Tongues (2018) LP, CD & Digital

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Previous Releases
Singular Adventures in Post-Modern Capitalist Society (Album 2016 – Ineffable)
Hanging In the Balance (EP – 2015 Degenerate Records)
Endless Re-Run Society ( Single – 2014 Ineffable)
Bread and Circuses (Album – 2013 Out Of The Box Records) as Babble
Shape of the Flux (Album – 2012 Out Of The Box Records) as Babble




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