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Colouratura are an art rock trio from the Ohio Valley. 

Nathan James and Ian Beabout met while music students at West Liberty University and produced their experimental first album Colouratura in 2017 during the off hours and as a means to blow off steam from the stressors of college life. The album covered everything from prog rock sea shanties and ambient Lo fi experiments to Gregorian chants and punk.

Little did they know the project would have any longevity, but the following year they liked the results of working together enough to produce a second album Unfamiliar Skies in 2018. This album also was the first time the two collaborated with guitarist Derek Pavlic, who by the third album would become a full-time member. It could be described as decidedly more ‘prog rock,’ and featured a more band centered approach aided by guest musicians. 

Following Unfamiliar Skies, the band temporarily decided to call it quits but reformed as a three piece during the pandemic in 2020. Utilizing a combination of file sharing and in-person sessions to realize unfinished recordings and create new ones, Colouratura emerged again in 2021 with their third recording Black Steeple Church, which would be self released. This album saw the band strip down to their essence and feature newest member Derek Pavlic in a ‘power trio’ format, more metal and heavy psych than prog, but still a diverse unfolding listen. 

The album was a slow-burn success in independent terms but enough that Beabout, James and Pavlic agreed to continue making music, so in early 2022 they began working on new material. At first it was not going to be a new album, but rather a collection of singles to feed streaming’s algorithmic hunger, but partway through Nathan announced his engagement. This meant that the time was right to finish the album proper so Nathan could devote time to married life. So for the first part of 2023, for the first time, the band had a list of songs to complete and they worked hard, focusing on each part. 

What resulted was “WTF Was That?!” a collection of song-based tracks that range from a variety of topics, including reconciling with the anxieties of the threat of nuclear war (“Toy Soldiers”), the increasingly worrying state of the environment (“Sleeping Giant”), the Ohio Valley’s continued reliance on coal for energy (“Flim-Flam Man”), and “Mothman” – a funky love song to an area cryptid legend on par with Bigfoot or Nessie. Other topics include Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Doc Ellis’ infamous no-hitter on LSD (“The LSD No-No”), and the historic Hare Krishna murders at the hallowed Palace of Gold which occurred in Moundsville, West Virginia during the 70s and 80s (“Palace of Blood”). 

While this album is likely the band’s most consistent and the first to feature primarily the same lineup, musically it is much in the style of 70s art rock but with a heavier aesthetic than before. Additionally Beabout’s synths, flute and backing vocals round out the sound making it something the band described as “a rock band orchestra.”

When Colouratura began it was mostly a vehicle for Nathan James’ songs and Ian Beabout’s production, but for WTF Was That?!, all members have writing credits. Specifically, Beabout has emerged as songwriter for 4 songs, and one song is written by Refestramus’ Derek Ferguson (the band’s drummer for much of this recording), making it one of the most diverse collections of music the band has offered yet. 

WTF Was That?! is slated for release on October 27, 2023 on Melodic Revolution Records. 

Band Members

Ian Beabout – production, editing, backing vocals, microKorg synth, flute, theremini, occasional lead vocals
Nathan James – bass, lead vocals, backing vocals, keyboard and synths, some acoustic guitar
Derek Pavlic – guitars, viola, mellotron and synths, glockenspiel, vocoder

Latest Release

MRR Discography

WTF Was That!? (TBA 2023) – Melodic Revolution Records – CD, Digital & Streaming
Unfamiliar Skies (Fall 2018) – Melodic Revolution Records – CD, Digital & Streaming

Self Released

Colouratura – Black Steeple Church (2021) Self Released -CD, Digital & Streaming
Colouratura – Colouratura – Self Released (2017) CD, Digital & Streaming


Steubenville, Ohio   

Style of Music

Progressive Art-Rock




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