Peter Matuchniak

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Known For His Unique Playing Style Combining Progressive, Rock, Pop & Jazz

Peter Matuchniak favors a progressive style of guitar that features melodic solos and graceful chording, clearly influenced by the likes of Steve Hackett (Genesis), Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Andy Latimer (Camel), and Mike Oldfield. Always drawn more to composition and melody above pure technique and over-indulgence, Peter Matuchniak lets sounds and textures guide the music first and foremost.

His compositional style draws from the varied genres he was exposed to at home: a brother into jazz-rock, a sister listening to the latest radio hits, and parents who raised them all on classical music. But the basic element is always progressive rock, and Peter Matuchniak has played with a number of bands in this genre that have garnered attention and reviews, both in London where he grew up as well as in his adopted Southern California home. 

Peter Matuchniak is one of the busiest guys in music, he is working on various projects including Kinetic Element’s upcoming album The Face of Life, Peter has also released two studio solo albums a Live Digital Album and Digital Video, a DVD, as well as two albums with Gekko Projekt and Evolve IV, he performed on the latest Transport Aerian release, as well as recording two albums with Marco Ragni, and currently, he is in the critically acclaimed US band Bomber Goggles. Peter has received enthusiastic reviews from around the world (the latter winning a Grindie Award from RadioINDY). Back in the 1980’s Peter was part of the so-called neo-progressive rock movement with Janysium and Mach One (that were represented by Keith Goodwin, press agent for Yes, Marillion, and Rod Argent). He also wrote and recorded jingles in Bombay for commercials that were aired on Indian TV with high-profile artists and accounts, with one such ad winning a CLIO award for public safety.

Peter’s Perspective

I write a lot of music in many different styles, though typically in the vein of Progressive Rock/Jazz. I love to record, mix and produce my songs at my home studio and enjoy the art and craft of making an album.  This goes back to my childhood obsession with a reel-to-reel tape machine, spending hours recording at various speeds or running the tape backwards and drawing my inspiration from the sound.

My solo albums are theme-based which brings cohesion to a collection of songs that are otherwise stylistically varied. My longer songs allow for a lyrical theme to develop and repurpose the same musical idea in multiple ways, but I also like to write more concise songs or ideas better suited for film music.  Give me a scope, and I will compose accordingly.

Unusual guitar sounds intrigue me, and I always play to the sounds I hear. People tell me that I have a unique playing style; or they hear the influences of Steve Hackett, Dave Gilmour and Andy Latimer, all of whom inspire my compositions along with the musical concepts of Mike Oldfield, Genesis, Pink Floyd and Yes.  I love a bit of modern jazz like Al Di Meola and Brand X, but for me it all starts with The Beatles.

What’s Being Said

The fact that Matuchniak is still exploring new avenues and producing his best work to date is an inspiration to us all
Mark Hughes – DPRP

Mix a bit of Camel with Alan Parsons and drop in a little Pink Floyd — a lot of intriguing music for melodic prog fans
Jerry Lucky – Progressive Rock Files

Acoustic to psychedelic to ‘classic’ to prog to jazz to whatever, but far from disjointed this is very much a complete piece of work
Kev Rowland – ProgArchives

Easily demanding second, third, and more listens as you marvel at the elasticity of his notes and its haunting prowess
Matt Rowe – Music Tap

Solo Band Members

Peter Matuchniak: Guitar
Paul Mouradjian: Keyboards
Scott Connor: Drums
Steve Bonino: Bass
Natalie Azerad: Vocals
Alyssa Matuchniak: Vocals
Ted Zahn: Vocals
JoJo Nakano: Sax

Peter Matuchniak Online

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Closet Concert Arena
Prog Core Live


Peter Matuchniak – Sessions (2020) CD & Digital
Kinetic Element – Live From New York (2020) CD & Digital
The Steve Bonino Project – Stargazer 2 (2019) CD & Digital
Kinetic Element – The Face of Life (2019) LP, CD & Digital
Bomber Goggles – GyreLand (2018) CD & Digital
Marco Ragni – The Wondering Caravan (2018) CD & Digital
Transport Aerian – Therianthrope (2017) CD & Digital
Marco Ragni – Land of Blue Echoes (2016) CD & Digital
Peter Matuchniak –  A Live Destination (2015) CD & Digital
Peter Matuchniak –  A Live Destination Video (2015) Free with CD
Gekko Projekt – Reya of Titan (2015) CD & Digital
Peter Matuchniak – Destiny (2014) CD & Digital
Peter Matuchniak – Uncovered Live in L.A. (2014) Digital
Gekko Projekt – Electric Forest (2012) CD & Digital
Peter Matuchniak- DVD Uncover Me CD (2012)
Evolve IV – Decadent Light (2007) CD & Digital

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