Sunshine & Bullets

South Florida’s Powerhouse Trio Featuring Dual Lead Vocals

Sunshine & Bullets originally formed in 2010 in Tampa, FL as a power trio with the goal to create a large dynamic sound out of only 3 members, with both male and female vocals. They developed their unusual blend of rock music and started booking shows, building a cult following in various cities across the U.S. and made friends around the world. Rich Keane Jr. earned the nickname “Ginger Loko” for his red hair and wild stage antics such as playing his guitar on the floor like a piano and throwing it up in the air and catching it in time to finish a riff.

They recorded and released the album Triangulum Mechanism in 2014. The single “…go” from the album was reviewed by Bubba the Love Sponge on a Nationally Syndicated FM program, and he said, “I find your band one of the most brilliant bands I heard in 28 years of radio.” The music on that album ranges from dark and heavy to peaceful and ambient, with Rich Keane Jr. and Amanda Hamers both singing lead, giving them comparisons to Evanescence, Linkin Park, Chevelle, A Perfect Circle, and others.

Shortly after releasing Triangulum Mechanism, they experimented with lineup changes. Amanda Hamers started playing the 7 string guitar, and they added Sam Brown on bass to become a 4-piece. After six months, Brown left the band to pursue other endeavors. They auditioned Chandler Cornell and he was with the band for a year and a half until he also decided to part ways with them. Both Brown and Cornell remain friends with S&B, but the original trio took this as a sign that they need to be a 3-piece, so instead of auditioning for a new bass player, they went back to their roots and Hamers picked up the bass again with renewed passion, and Keane took over the 7-string.

Almost immediately, the band started writing and recording new material. The music on The Centauri Conspiracies: Part 1 – The Awakening is heavier, darker, and bigger sounding than before. They wanted real, raw emotions to shine through with intensity, because what good is listening to music if you can’t “feel” it? They incorporated elements of pop, hard rock, and metal into these tracks, experimenting with the extreme limits of each of their instruments and voices.

The Centauri Conspiracies: Part 1 – The Awakening is the 6 song EP to preview what is to come with the release of the full album. Like Triangulum Mechanism, it is a concept album. This time, instead of focusing on going through life’s tough moments on a personal level, they switched to a wider view: the world.

The world has never been as interconnected, and although it seems that we have the access and ability to stay informed of what’s going on around us, we can never truly be sure of large-scale motives and intentions. Unfortunately, we live in interesting times, and that’s usually not a good thing.

The band hopes to raise awareness of the different kinds of distractions that we humans face in the world today. However, instead of condemning mankind into oblivion, the band wants people to use their passions to constructively inspire them to keep the peace between each other. Despite all the acts of hatred in the world, there is still hope for humanity… and we need to hold on to that hope with everything we got.

May 2020 Sunshine & Bullets return with their latest effort The Centauri Satellites, Pt. 1.5 – Streaming Only EP

Band Members

Amanda Hamers: Vocals & Bass
Rich Keane Jr: Vocals and Guitar
Kyle Wolfram: Drums


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Fight for Andromeda – Remaster (TBA)
The Centauri Satellites, Pt. 1.5 EP (2020) Digital
The Centauri Conspiracies: Part 1 – The Awakening EP (2016) CD & Download
Triangulum Mechanism (2014) CD & Download
Combustion EP(2013) Digital
Ignition EP (2012) Digital
Fight for Andromeda (2011) self-released out of print

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A Critics Point of View

“I find your band one of the most brilliant bands I heard in 28 years of radio.”- Bubba The Love Sponge, Bubba The Love Sponge

“Sunshine & Bullets has done it by the book and they have a huge fan base now.”- Quinton J Sheer Esq.,

“By the time the album closes with “The Mechanism”, one of my new all-time favorite instrumental tracks, it’s clear that this band is destined for greatness. Not only are they experts on their respective instruments, but the vocals being traded off between the male and female voices are simply astounding. This is an album that only gets better with each listen, and is sure to be another top ten for 2014.”- YtseReviews

 “The tracks on this album are a perfect fit for the tv/movie industry and there’s no telling how far this group will go! If you like music with balls, Sunshine & Bullets is the band for you!”- Andrew Smith, AMS Entertainment

 “Once in a while, if you are lucky enough, you cross paths with a few individuals who are caring, selfless, and all-around good-hearted people. These are three of those individuals, and we are honored and proud to call them friends. Take a few minutes and get to know them the way we know them and see why they are taking Florida by Storm.”- Lisa Pavy, SPOT Magazine 

“They hail from Tampa Bay but their unique power blend is taking them nationwide fast . . . Sunshine and Bullets appeared on the National television show “The Daily Buzz” on the CW Network. To view the segment visit Sunshine and Bullets is an appropriate name for a hot trio with the combined energy of Florida sunshine and explosive ammunition”- Creative Loafing 

“The trio plays alternative rock that’s hard but with groovy, fun-loving touches. . . elements of White Stripes-y blues and Hamers has a warble that calls to mind Sleater-Kinney’s Corin Tucker. She and Keane split the vocal duties, and they harmonize with each other throughout the set.”- Jay from the tbt Soundcheck, Tampa Bay Times (tbt) 

“Sunshine & Bullets may be changing but they are still keeping true to their brave, experimental sound and vibe. They are passionate about keeping personally connected to their fans and always have them in mind when they make changes. They were presented with the question a while back in their career; “What are you doing differently from any other band?” They stepped up to the plate and decided to accept the challenge and stand out. With unique performances, emotional songwriting, and adventurous experimentation Sunshine & Bullets will continue to blow audiences away.”- Victoria Rapp, Full Access Magazine 

“Sunshine and Bullets… who are they? Simply put, they are one of the coolest bands of all time; a rock fanatic’s dream. Sunshine and Bullets brings a new sound to rock music that’s itching to be heard.”- Rose Gear, The Expressionist