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Short Bio

Wings of Destiny is a Power Metal band originally from Costa Rica, founded at the end of the year 2013, influenced by such bands as Helloween, Rhapsody of Fire, Angra, and Symphony X; nevertheless, through time the band managed to develop a very particular and recognizable sound creating a cult following among fans all around the world. Wings of Destiny was originally called only “Destiny”, but due to the existence of another band of the same name [band from Sweden], decided to change its name to Wings of Destiny [known, also, as WOD] in the year 2014.

Albums releases:
2014 – “Time” [Independent first release]

2015 – “Time”, Deluxe Edition [label Powerprog, Germany], contains two bonus tracks, one with the participation of italian singer Roberto Tiranti [Labyrinth]. Nominated and winner “Metal album of the year” by ACAM.

2016 – “Kings of Terror” [label Powerprog, Germany], contains bonus track with the participation of italian singer Fabio Lione [Angra, ex-Rhapsody of Fire]. Nominated and winner “Metal album of the year” by ACAM.

2017 – “Butterfly Effect”, mini album [ released by new label MRR, US]

2019 – “Revelations” [ Released by the new Label MRR, US]. Contains participation of Henning Basse [ex-Mayan, Firewind], Roland Grapow [Masterplan, ex-Helloween], Chemel Neme [ex-Blacksun] and Bob Katsionis [Firewind, Outloud]. This album occupied place #8 of best Latinamerican releases of 2019 by [Headbangers Latinamerica]. Nominated as “Metal album of the year” by ACAM.

2020- “Ballads” – Released by the Wormholedeath + special release by Rubicon Music in Japan. It was nominated as one of the Best power metal albums of the month (September 2020) + it was nominated on the 3d place of Best Sellers List by Disc Union, contains international participations of Timo Tolkki [ex-Stratovarius, Avalon], Michael Vescera [ex- Yngwie Malmsteen, Animetal USA, Loudness], Henning Basse [ex-Metallium, ex- Firewind], Victor Smolski [ex-Rage,  Almanac], Marco Garau [Magic Opera, Derdian], Ivan Giannini [Vision Divine, Deridian] 

2021 – “Memento Mori” to be released soon

Up to date the band has shared stage and toured with such international acts as: 

Firewind (Grecia), Kalmah (Finland), A.N.I.M.A.L. (Argentina), Rhapsody Reunion (Italy), Blacksun (Ecuador), This Will be no More (Aruba), Mario Ian [ex-Rata Blanca, IAN] (Argentina), Timo Tolkki [ex-Stratovarius, Avalon] (Finland), Mike Vescera [ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, Loudness, Animetal USA] (US), Timo Tolkki (ex-Stratovarius, Avalon) and many more other artists.

Band Members

Anton Darusso (Vocals & Keyboards)
Andrés Castro (Guitars)
Cristian “Mythos” Jiménez (Guitars)
Emil Minott (Bass)
Horacio París Kofoed (Drums) 

Wings of Destiny ~ Online

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Revelations – Full album (2019) Melodic Revolution Records – Digital Only
Butterfly Effect – Full Album (2017) Melodic Revolution Records – Digital Only
Brave New World – Single (2017) Melodic Revolution Records – Digital Only 

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