Burn Into The Sun is a song about the history of good people doing nothing, allowing evil to thrive and that it is now time for good people to take action to stop evil from spreading.

Anthony Romero – Keys, Spoken Word, & Background Vocals 
Steve Bonino  – Vocals Bass Guitar Keys, Drum Programing
Robert Schlinder – Keys
Eric Confer – Guitar

Words and Music Anthony Romero/Steve Bonino 
Produced an Mixed Anthony Romero/Steve Bonino 
Mastered by Steve Bonino 

Recorded at the following studiosDJ Tony Studios – Oregon, Trippyone Studios – California, Studio Robeone – Virgina, Xaoslord Studios – New Mexico

RED32 is a new crossover progressive pop rock band based throughout the United States featuring members of Tony Romero’s Vortex, Xaoslord, Bomber Goggles, and States. The band strives to blend the varied influences of its four members into a forward looking musical expression. 

Band Info and Links
Web-page: https://mrrmusic.com/project/red32/
Bandcamp: https://red32.bandcamp.com/track/burn-into-the-sun