California Prog Metal guitarist Gregg Olson for Scarlet Hollow is back in the hospital. 

As you may recall Gregg was first hospitalized on November 20, 2012 due to a ruptured blood vessel which has bled into his brain-stem. This has caused total paralysis on the left side of his body. The band were getting ready to hit the road to promote their new offering “What If Never Was” released just a month before.

According to a positing by his wife Allison VonBülow and Vocalist for Scarlet Hollow.
We are back in the ICU at Los Robles. Gregg had another bleed in the brain stem. It is not as bad as his 2012 stroke…. At this point anyway. We will see. There is slurred speech but not terrible…. His eyes have trouble tracking…..He is dizzy. Really dizzy….. And has a headache. They Doctor discovered a new bleed and are watching him…… Blood pressure is an issue…. He goes hi and low so it is not a sure thing what to do for that. They gave him meds to bring it down for now. He is tired….. He will be here for a few days. That’s all for now. Ali

All of us at Melodic Revolution Records are wising Gregg a speedy recovery.