This is track four and the 3rd video from Sonic Divide‘s second studio album: “THE OTHER SIDE” Due out March 2020

The story behind this song : 
In 2015 I came down with an illness that left me with viral symptoms for over 2 years. During that extended period, my immune system was weakened, so I got hit with multiple other health issues like infections and even frozen shoulder syndrome. In addition to this, the anti-inflammatory medication I was taking for my illness had some negative side effects as well. Needless to say, it was a pretty dark couple of years! 

When It Bleeds” is about longing for, finding, and holding on to hope during dark times. Recognizing the fact that the dark times are only temporary. 

The song also explores one’s own perception of the world and the people around you during a time when you are in survival mode – when “everybody else is living like they just couldn’t be more alive”. 

Some days you can be optimistic, other days you can’t see through the fog. It’s fair to say that I was past the worst of my illness when I wrote the song, so it is definitely more optimistic than dark. 

Hopefully, people that are going through tough times can relate to “When It Bleeds”, and find their own hope and optimism to help them push through to “the other side”.
Glenn Johnson 

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1.Vicinity 03:58
2. Hero 03:29
3. Come Back Again 04:20
4.When it Bleeds 04:55
5. Roll The Dice 05:46
6. Alive 03:11 
7.Final Stage 04:50
8.Shot In The Dark 04:02
9.I’ll Run 04:19buy track
10. When No One’s Watching 03:54
11. I Still Believe 04:32
12. Stay 04:50

Sonic Divide
Wayne Holden –Lead Vocals
Glenn Johnson –Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Andy Young –Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Ian Slade –Bass, Backing Vocals
Evan Johnson –Drums, Backing Vocals
Steve Pirie –Guitars, Backing Vocals

Engineered and produced by Sean Timms (Southern Empire, Unitopia, Damanek) at Timms Tunes Studio in Adelaide, Australia

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Nick Katona

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