We are extremely thrilled to announce that Florida Duo “Stanislav & The Lion” has signed with Melodic Revolution for their upcoming releases including Myths Retold and Other Lies to Tell Your Children (Deluxe Edition). This is not a band that you can pigeonhole, the duo’s sound can be best described as a melding of Ambient Cinematic Prog infused with Spoken Word.

In a statement from Juan R Leõn 
We are happy to announce that we are now part of the Melodic Revolution Records family! 

We will be releasing remastered versions of our music on a Deluxe Edition CD featuring works from both Myths and Arias as well as new music and exclusive digital downloads to augment the official release.

About Stanislav & The Lion

Over the course of self and state-ordered quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, Juan R Leõn found time to write a short parable inspired by an article on faith and the “new normal”. Not being confident in his own singing abilities, Juan reached out to friend and poet Corey Stano to provide the vocal performance on “The Rhino And The Oxpecker”.  Corey turned in a shining performance full of subtle nuances and dramatic pauses which served the material well. Her tonality and cadence had produced exactly what the project needed and soon the two were collaborating with Corey providing the written prose and vocal performance while Juan composed and performed the music. 

Corey Stano: Vox, Prose

Corey’s ability to combine beauty in prose with poetic and knife-edge imagery is at the core of S&TL’s landscape. It is both the fulcrum and impetus behind the direction of the music. Her rich voice is the “beau idéal” of the project delivering a performance that mesmerizes and captivates the listener.

Juan R Leõn: Sounds

Using various and unique instruments like the Chapman Stick, NS Stick, Alvara Zen 10, Native American Flutes, synths, percussion, vox effects, and field recordings, Juan creates a sonic backdrop for Corey’s visions.

Stanislav And The Lion Online

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