According to Rich Keane Jr. Guitarist and Vocalist of Sunshine & Bullets:

It’s been a rough few months for us. We’ve been recording and re-recording vocals, guitars, and bass to be sure we’re happy with how its going to sound. This week, we handed over the new recordings of “Fight for Andromeda,” to our friend and family Mile Aurigemma to remix, and remaster. We’ve gotten back a sample of “Waiting,” and although Mike thinks he can do much better, we were blown away. We hope to release this soon. These are 12 new songs that some have never heard before. If you do own an original copy of “Fight for Andromeda,” which we self released in 2011 than this will truly be a treat for you too.

Fight for Andromeda (2017) Track List.
Gravity, If You Only Knew, Handcuffed, Still Bleeding, Style, These Ashes, Nothing Left To Say, Waiting For You, Hookah Man, Lifeless, Suzie’s Baby, When We Fall.

In related news!
Sunshine & Bullets have started working on the next chapter of “The Centauri Conspiracies,” the 1st song for the band have started working on is “King of the World.” Other titles they are working on include, “All I need is one,” and “Through the Rain.” There are three other tracks that are still nameless, but expect a few new instrumentals, and an extension to “the Mechanism,” from the last full length album. That song is aptly titled, “The Mechanism Has Failed.” No release date yet “The Centauri Conspiracies – Part 2 (the Hope),”

Sunshine & Bullets
Rich Keane Jr – Vocals/Guitar
Amanda Hamers – Vocals/Bass
Kyle Wolfram – Drums

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