Sad News: It is with a heavy heart that we announce that our drummer Andrew Rae has been forced into retirement due to the onset of Tinnitus.

Andrew first played with Martin in bands back in the 1980s and then, in 2010 they, along with bassist Andy, formed Big Fish the precursor to The Room. Joined by Steve and Checkerz, Andrew helped shape The Room sound, write and record our debut album Open Fire and contributed to the immeasurable amount of fun we have had in the studio and on the road. Andrew will be sadly missed and we send him our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Andrew we can’t thank you enough!

The search for a new permanent drummer, to work with us live and to write and record album 2 is now underway. We can be contacted via Facebook or

From all of us at Melodic Revolution Records we would like to say that we are deeply saddened that Andrew Rae had to step down as a member from “The Room”, we wish him a speedy recovery and nothing but the best for his future. Andrew will be sorely missed.

December 20th 2013