The Burden’ is a lyrical approach to the transition of a person’s life situation and the emotional world after losing a beloved one. Inspiration gave a member of the band itself, who lost his mother.

The Burden Lyrics

Verse 1:
Silent verdict shattered senses
Far from what’s left in my mind
A spark of light that defines
A memory long forgotten 
guarding the weak and broken

Letting go of all the things I know
And who I think I’ve been
Is everything you taught me
At the edge of who you’ve seen
To see your world within my mind
Is all you had to claim
Making me a better man with the love that has remained

The deepest love existing, for a second once denied
Will disappear, we all must say goodbye
A ghostly young child in the wild to weather the night
Is selling the weariness of life
Who knows the burden? Tear blind eyes, quiet cries in fear surprised

Verse 2:
That memory full of sorrow
Casts clouds and hides love trueLet go of all the shadows
The end my sadness when I see you

Taken from the upcoming album ELEMENTS the bands sophomore release. To be released in 2019 via Melodic Revolution Records

Produced and mixed by Kohlekeller Studio and Secret Soul Studio

Kohlekeller Studio:
Secret Soul Studio:

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Sven Schornstein – Keyboards
Bernd Schönegge – Bass
Chris Maldener – Drums
Markus Wittmann – Guitars
Cornelius Wurth – Vocals & Guitars

Visual Effects by Raimond Fischbach & Randy “Freq TV” Salo

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